peace corps bling. part 1:

7 Feb

motive: 8

may 26, 2012.

8:30pm global standard time. 2:30pm ethiopian time. 20:30 hours, military time.

along with jenny, the time finally arrives in which i can no longer ignore my need for a fucking watch.

jenny: hey, where are you?

dave: downtown, hanging out with nikki and some people. wait, are you here already?

jenny: yeah, it’s like 8:30.

dave: i thought your flight arrived at 20:00. that’s –

jenny, nikki, diane, chelsea, ben, and about half the habesha in the room: 8 o’clock!… moron.

dave: aaaaaaaaaghhhhhiiii am a moron.

* * * *

stay tuned for our next episode:

common sense isn’t all that common.


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